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Jun 18 12 4:01 PM

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Hey Guys!

Some weeks ago I found the "Basketball Manager 2005" again. This was the German Version of WBM published by Rebel Games in 2005, although it must be the WBM 2003-Version (which was really doubtful...) as in the head line the game starts in August 2003 with Rosters of the 2005 Season.

Unfortunately I got a problem with the screen size. There's no solution to play the game not in full screen.

However, is there any possibility to chance the size of the game screen? Could Patch 1.9.6 be helpful? If yes, where can I get it since it doesn't appear in the download section in the WBM-Homepage...

Thank you in advance.
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Jul 3 12 1:23 AM

Windowed mode was added in 2009 version. 2005 doesn't support that and patch 1.9.6 won't work with any version before 1.9
The only solution I can think off and that might work iis to start the game and then hit alt+Tab and change the resolution back in the original you use and then alt+Tab to return in the game.

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